Instructor Yogi Charu

Yogi Charu’s journey began at 15 when he encountered the Bhagavad Gita through a friend in his native country Belize, and left home shortly thereafter to pursue yoga. He spent most of his early career in India where he trained in traditional Himalayan ashrams. Charu’s teaching style stems from classical yoga traditions including pranayama (breath work), asana (poses), kriyas (cleansing techniques) and tantric meditations.


Additionally, Charu is a master teacher of yoga philosophy and often holds workshops on yoga sutras, vedic numerology and more. As a teacher, he went from the Himalayas to share his wisdom of yoga and meditation in Hong Kong in 2000, and Sydney Australia in 2006. In 2009, Charu moved to New York City and began teaching at studios throughout the city, offering 200 and 500 hour teacher trainings for Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Prana Vidya and Meditation.


From New York City, he traveled to Hawaii, and after 3 beautiful years teaching there, he returned to NYC in 2019 ready to share his evolution with fellow New Yorkers as he keeps growing in their association.