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14 Feb

Dalia Sabari : Prenatal Yoga – Blooming Empowerment

Divinity is being the life force for another human being.

I once heard someone say, when a baby is in the womb, the mother is the complete life force for her baby. The mother eats, breathes, and does everything in between to keep her baby growing and developing inside her. A true miracle. But, when the baby is born there is an immediate shift. The baby is separated from its mother and takes its first breath, instantly taking on its new source of life. The inhale and exhale now become the life force or “prana” for this new person.

Prenatal yoga is an outlet for the mom-to-be to experience her own divinity, taking the time to tap into her maternal intuition, but also a time to take a step back and reconnect with her own life force, not always an easy task for us busy New Yorkers.

The practice of mindful connection to breath is also the first line of defense to taking on your labor, with empowerment and control. As we practice deep breathing through postures that are filled with sensation we learn to cultivate our greatest natural pain management tool. The breath becomes the force guiding us to a deeper place providing perfect balance, energizing through the inhale and releasing through the exhale.

The rewards of prenatal yoga go far beyond staying strong and healthy, burning calories and looking great with a baby bump. Although those things are quite lovely, the benefits of coming to your mat also positively effect your hormonal balance and help stabilize, ground and connect you to your next chapter of life. Strengthening in both mind and body.

I am passionate about prenatal yoga because the work we do on the mat is working towards one of life’s greatest achievements. There is an overall verve that always exists in the room when moving together, breathing together, and creating together. The ultimate in female power.

Prenatal yoga classes are Tuesdays and Fridays 10.30 – 11.45 am at Earth YogaNYC. Contact for your first free trial class.

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