Earth Health Coaching

Our Practice

At Earth, our health coaches assess client lifestyles and health concerns, while working in tandem to make nutritional and behavioral changes that promote holistic well-being.


The goal of our health coaching program is to empower each client to take charge of their own health by developing custom plans that work with each person’s bio-individuality, lifestyle, and personal preferences.


Once we determine the optimal path forward, our coaches support clients with strategies that enable them to let go of habits don’t serve their health goals, and replace with new patterns that promote viable behaviors that are in alignment with a healthier, achievable standard of living.


Our coaches understand hectic lifestyles and value our clients’ time immensely.  To honor this principle, we make certain that these life changing habits are easy to implement and that they seamlessly phase into clients’ current routines. We understand that wellness is a journey and are here to support our clients with realistic strategies that are both accessible and sustainable.

Our Offering

Explore and implement dietary paths that support client’s bio-individuality

Explore potential food allergies, and/or issues with the microbiome

Assist with weight loss and energy improvement

Assist with improving acne prone skin

Provide Strategies for Meal Planning and Prepping

Assist with Grocery Shopping and Pantry Planning

Assist with dietary changes, specializing in transitioning to a plant-based diet

Work with clients to incorporate movement and mindfulness into their daily lives

In person and remote coaching available

Our Coaches

Nicole Bezinski

Owner & Chief Executive, Earth Yoga NYC
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
RYT 200


Nicole’s path to health coaching started as she was exploring yoga for relaxation to combat the stress of her corporate job.  In addition to the physical stress, she suffered from chronic issues with digestion, and was hopelessly searching for a solution to help herself feel better.  Through much research and perseverance Nicole discovered the practices of Ayurveda and began delving into the core principles of health through the balance of mind, body and spirit, which prompted her to look at the types of food she was eating, and how certain foods were disrupting her digestion and depleting her overall energy levels.


Through years of self-discovery and coaching, Nicole developed methods for breaking the cycle of unhealthy eating habits, as well as discovered solutions for balancing the gut, and keeping the microbiome healthy.  Nicole is passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge to assist others in coming to a place where they feel healthy and balanced, both inside and out.


Nicole specializes in working with busy urbanites who are looking for sustainable approaches to incorporate nutrition, movement, and mindfulness into their busy schedules.  Her number one goal is to make strategies attainable and seamless, allowing clients to easily fit into their already full lives. 


Nicole received her Bachelor’s Degree from Temple University and her Master’s Degree from New York University where she studied finance and business education.  She is also a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and a RYT 200.

Holly Goodwin

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
RYT 200


For over a decade, Holly has worked with individuals to transform their bodies and their lifestyles through the practices of mindful eating, joyful movement, and a commitment to mental wellness. Holly is a licensed personal trainer, a Kripalu trained yoga instructor, and is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.


Holly specializes in intuitive eating and provides her clients with the tools to break negative, subconscious patterning and unhealthy behaviors around food. She believes that the small, subtle shifts over time can have a huge impact on daily life. Holly’s goal is always to aim for results that improve and strengthen the sacred connection between the mind and the body.

Health Coaching Packages


Health Coaching Packages

Total Cost
1 Single Session
5 Health Coaching Sessions
10 Health Coaching Sessions
15 Health Coaching Sessions

Private Health Coaching + Yoga (Studio Classes)

1 + 1 Pack (1 Private Health Coaching Session / 1 Studio Yoga Class)
5 + 5 Pack (5 Private Health Coaching Sessions / 5 Studio Yoga Classes)
10 + 10 Pack (10 Private Health Coaching / 10 Studio Yoga Classes)
15 + 15 Pack (15 Private Health Coaching / 15 Studio Yoga Classes)

Private Health Coaching + Yoga (Private Session)

1 + 1 Pack (1 Private Health Coaching Session / 1 Private Yoga Session)
5 + 5 Pack (5 Private Health Coaching Sessions / 5 Private Yoga Sessions)
10 + 10 Pack (10 Private Health Coaching Sessions / 10 Private Yoga Sessions)
15 + 15 Pack (15 Private Health Coaching Sessions / 15 Private Yoga Sessions)

Group Coaching

3 Month Program. Includes 2 Group Health Coaching Meetings Per Month (Focusing on improved health through nutrition, movement, connections). 1 Yoga Class per Week (Clients Choice from Earth Class Schedule).
$75 per month per student