Earth Yoga NYC is proud to offer quarterly in-depth workshops, monthly miniseries specializing in building to advanced asanas (poses), and a comprehensive 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program, certified by the Yoga Alliance, and led by top tier instructors who have studied and practiced with masters all over the world.

Inversions, Conquer Your Fears: Quarterly Series

Are you dreaming of doing a headstand in the middle of the yoga room? Are you afraid of trying to balance on your hands with or without using the wall? If the answer to either of these questions is YES, then this amazing, fun, and dynamic workshop is for you!⁠ Hélène Kerhervé is an experienced E-RYT 500 yoga instructor and is excited to share the fundamentals and mechanics of inversions in this workshop designed for yoga practitioners of all levels. Overcoming your fears is a key element of building self-confidence, as well as building a strong foundation for safely inverting in your yoga practice. Come and learn step-by-step how to mindfully practice inversions such as headstands and forearm stands. All levels welcome.

Handstands with Virgile: Quarterly Series

Virgile Peyramaure is a world-renowned circus performer known for his handstands and hand-to-hand balancing acts. He has over 30 years of experience training people to invert safely. His resume includes Big Apple Circus (performer and Artistic Director), Cirque du Soleil (performer and Coach), as well as stints with Alo Yoga, Pure, and Google, both as a teacher and coach.⁠ Virgile’s workshop focuses on the development of basic handstand skills, placing emphasis on proper form and position, as well as the fundamentals of spotting. All levels welcome.

Food as Medicine:
Quarterly Series

Discover how you can learn exactly which foods promote optimal nutrition based on bio-individuality (what works best for your body), not a standard one size fits all dietary approach. Nicole Bezinski, a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Earth’s owner, will discuss different dietary theories and methods for discovering how you can use food as medicine to promote optimal health through a food plan that specifically suits your body, all while keeping the microbiome (gut) in balance.

Meditation Workshops for Centering: Quarterly Series

Earth curates bespoke quarterly workshops focusing on specialized themes such as mindfulness, loving kindness, gratitude, body scanning, and yoga nidra. Students will be guided through a calming reflection, using the breath, visualization, and mantras to still the mind in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal and spiritual growth. These programs are designed to not only enrich the in-class experience, but to also impart students with the best techniques to practice at home.

Yoga Basics

Join Earth Yoga NYC’s Co-Director of Training, Rebecca Ambrose @rvambro, for an Introduction to Yoga Basics Workshop where students will learn to break down the alignment of poses from the ground up. Build a confidence in their practice, learn to move the body safely and efficiently, add props to poses, and ask lots of questions. Great for beginners, or those looking for a refresher.